Target Tracker Assessment

The government has decided that schools can choose their own system for tracking pupil progress through the National Curriculum. Brightwell School has chosen a system used by approximately 25% of schools called Target Tracker. It was designed by Essex County Council and is a computer based system. Teachers assess children against Steps within different Bands with reference to statements taken from the National Curriculum. 

From the links below, you can open "posters" that show the Steps for each Band. A child should be working towards or working within the same Band as their year group. The highlighted statements are the key performance indicators.

Band 1reading

Band 2 reading

Band 3 reading

Band 4 reading

Band 5 reading

Band 6 reading

Band 1 writing

Band 2 writing

Band 3 writing

Band 4 writing

Band 5 writing

Band 6 writing

Band 1 maths

Band 2 maths number

Band 2 maths other

Band 3 maths

Band 4 maths

Band 5 maths

Band 6 maths