Breakfast Club 

Our breakfast club opens from 7.45am every Monday to Friday and provides your child with a healthy breakfast, chat with friends and a choice of activities before the school day starts.

A wide variety of breakfast options is available to choose from, including cereals, toast and spreads, waffles, yoghurt, fruit, milk and water, all served until 8.15am 

Breakfast is then followed by a child-initiated activity - in the warmer months, the children may go outside for a short while, while in the colder, darker months they will have access to a variety of different indoor activities including puzzles and board games before our adults ensure each child arrives safely at their classroom.


If your child would like to join us at our breakfast club, either as a regular attendee or on an ad-hoc basis, please make your booking by completing the form below and returning it to the school office.


Term 2 Booking Form