Parent Handbook

Please click on the following link for a PDF copy of our Brightwell Primary School Parent Handbook/Information Pack.

 You will find the following information within this pack:

  • Headteacher’s Welcome
  • School Hours
  • Arriving at School
  • The School Day
  • End of the School Day
  • Uniform 
  • Attendance Guide
  • Illness and Medicines
  • School Dinners/ Packed Lunch
  • Communication with Parents
  • SEN
  • School council
  • Healthy Schools Group
  • Eco Schools
  • the Role of the Governing Body
  • FOBS
  • Policies
  • Freedom of Information
  • Home school Agreement
  • Permission for Photographs, Copyright and Trips
  • Internet Agreement
  • Summary of our Charging Policy
  • Home School Agreement
  • Internet Code of Conduct
  • Free School Meals
  • Data Protection

Parents Guide to managing sickness absence from school

Privacy Notice