English at Brightwell


There are many different subjects that are covered in English and taught at Brightwell.


Every class teaches an element of writing each day, this may be physically writing, editing or preparing for writing, such as speaking and listening or drama.



In Foundation and KS1, phonics is taught daily for a minimum of 20 minutes, this includes a whole class teacher taught interactive start to the session, and then a range of activities to consolidate learning, including, reading, work sorting and an activitiy led by an adult. The school uses Phonics Bug resources.



At Brightwell we teach both guided reading and individual reading, which promotes reading for pleasure.

It is expected that parents / carers hear their child read at least 4 times per week at home and that a record of this is jotted in their reading record.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Children at year 6 will sit a grammar, punctuation and spelling test. Teachers in all year groups from 1-6 teach grammar, punctuation and spelling on a daily basis.

This supports children's reading and writing.