Sports and P.E Funding Grant Expenditure



The PE and Sport Premium is funding from the government for the academic year 2015 - 2016 to provide additional substantial primary school sport funding. This funding is going directly to primary school head teachers to spend money on improving or enhancing the quality of Physical Education and sport for all children.



Report for period 2015-2016

Authors: Andrew Ansell/Joe Reeder

Funding Received

September 2015 / July 2016


£8000 base premium

Plus £5 per head for pupils in Yr1-6


Identified Need

Employment of PE sports leader to provide high quality PE skill development and progression to current teachers. Sports leader will also run a sports club and work with staff on skills development and progression.

£100 per CPD session x 6 (for term 3 =£600)

Teaching skills, knowledge and confidence enhanced. PE skills development in line with curriculum, skills focused on in lessons and differentiation for all abilities planed. A varied programme of sports clubs available providing for all age groups and abilities across the year. (Starts Jan 2016.)

INSET led by Sam Abery of Full Circle Sports.

Baselining for teachers to develop a skill progression for all areas of PE.

HLTA cover to release PE co-ordinator to observe sessions.

Coordinator has overview of the quality of PE teaching across the school and is able mentor all teachers developing their skills and confidence. High standard of PE and engagement of pupils.

Engagement with partnership tournaments (TA overtime and payment for Sports Hall Athletics).

More inter-school competition. Leading to more children becoming motivated to take part in a wide range of sporting activities.

Impact: pupils participation in sports including inter-school sport events has increased; school teams have performed well in tournaments; teacher expertise and confidence has increased.