Introduction to the Curriculum


The Curriculum

The children at Brightwell receive a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges and stimulates their learning. The children's input into the learning is essential and teachers ensure that their planning and teaching is specific to the individual child's needs. Teachers follow the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage when teaching Reception children, the National Curriculum for years 1 to 6. 

As we have mixed year groups we will have a two or three year cycle. When planning, teachers must look at the breath of study throughout the 2 year cycle, ensuring a range of topics with a variety of themes.

We aim to offer children a variety of different educational experiences including educational visits, visitors in to school, themed days, outdoor learning, opportunities for speaking and listening, enterprise opportunities and the chance to celebrate work with parents/carers and other year groups within the school.


Learning Behaviour

As well as the objectives from the National Curriculum and skills based progression we also aim to instil positive attitudes to learning which we expect to see demonstrated in all lessons. We believe it is important for children to become confident, independent learners. Children are encouraged to take risks and persevere when they find a task challenging: "Resilience" is one of our core values.