Art and Design at Brightwell

"We are Artists"

Curriculum Intent

At Brightwell School, our intention is to foster a love for art and design, teach the skills needed for pupils to engage, experiment and hone their artistic skills and feel proud of their achievements. We wish all pupils to see themselves as artists, enjoy the process and emotions involved in creating art, learn about those artists past and present who have helped shape our understanding and create purposeful pieces for a variety of purposes and using a variety of mediums.


Art lessons include opportunities for pupils to develop their technique, building on skills-based learning as well as art linked to and embedded in our wider curriculum learning. Art lessons don’t always need an outcome which can be put on the wall and we love learning about great artists, craft makers and designers and their historical and cultural development. We find value in the process of the work they produce as well as the finished product and we relish discussions, critical thinking and the evaluation of great artists/craft makers/designers as well as pupils' own self-reflection of work they have created. 


On occasions, we work with the Art team at Wallingford School to access their facilities, including a clay room and kiln, and work alongside their teaching staff.


Please see our Curriculum Overviews on the class pages for further details of what the children are learning.